Greece requests USA weaponry

The Greek goverment has officially requested for the USA Congress the acquisition of weapons to be bought along the recent procurement of the 30 F-16’S . Specifically Greece bought 30 F-16 in late 2005 and now requests to obtain Congressional permission to buy along some hi-tech misiles and amnunitions, that are deemed important for the new aircraft.

Those include:

(40) AGM-154-C JSOW

(100) GBU-31 JDAM

(200) GBU-103 WCMD

(100) Enhased Paneway II with BLU-109

(136) Enhased Paneway II with Mk-84

Also training missiles(JSOW, BRU-57, Control systems, technical manuals, spare parts and logistic assistance)

The corporations involved by the USA side are: Lockheed Martin Missiles, Raytheon Missiles, and Boeing Defense Systems.

It is assumed that by late January Congress will confirm the above procurements.

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