Greece to command the ALTHEA Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Greece heads-From today- the Northern sector of the ALTHEA Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The commandement will last for the next 12 months, a period which can be extended under special circumstances.

The total Greek force in Bosnia is 118 men, mostly officers and Petty Officers of the Army.

Another 14 European states contribute to the ALTHEA Force, which functions under the resolution of the UN and the guidance of the European Union.

Austria, Belgium, Greece, Esthonia, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Czech Republic and Finland are the countries that compromise the ALTHEA Force. It is probable that by the early 2008 the “European Police Force” might take over the responsibility of the rule of law in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as, the commandement of the ALTHEA Force.

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