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The International Youth Association (Canada XXI) Inc. was incorporated in December 1985. Its prime objective is to promote the interests and to defend the rights of world youth on all plans. There are in all 21 goals and objectives.

We believe that all the problems that the world youth must face now can not be solved without the collaboration of all the countries of the world without exception. There is an unquestionable urgency to act, but the conditions social, economic, geopolitical, the current wars, the passed wars, the increase of the famine and impoverishment, the environmental pollution, the desire to colonize, the non respect of the differences, the racism and many more factors paralyse the efforts desired by a large majority of the world youth.

Young people, as well as a great number of their elder, wishes to start a real process of solving these problems. But, unfortunately, they do not have facilities, nor of structures to act. They are scattered everywhere on the planet and their actions are diluted in the great number of associations which for the majority have very creditable objectives, certainly, but also at the same time, are much focused.

So for the whole of all these organizations, the concrete results are not very encouraging. The environmentalists and the scientists in vain have shouted for thirty years everywhere the real threat of the effects of pollution, but the environment is destroyed more and more and at increasing speed.

The pacifist trying to achieve international peace by the negotiation, disarmament and non-violence are well obliged to note that the wars last for ever everywhere on the sphere and that there are �new conflicts building up at the horizon.

The organizations of fight against famine can only note that the number of children, who die literally of hunger every day, does not cease increasing.

The problems of this world, are all inter connected and can find solution only in the union. Union of desires, efforts, knowledge, technologies and resources, the union of men to defend there common interests.

One day or the other, very soon possibly, all of us will be confronted with these problems in such a critical manner that there will be an obligation to act and that, only to avoid our own extinction.

People worries about the extinction of many species which compose the ecosystems of the planet, but when will we worry enough about us humans?

I, during thirty years, studied these phenomena and I also spent many years all over the world travelling in order to palpate the thoughts of youth on these matters.

The first cause of suicide in the young people of all races is the absence of vision of a promising future. The distress of the world youth is real and very present on all the continents. Although the daily priorities of some are sometimes very far away from the daily priorities of others, the great majority of them are disillusioned.

The International Youth Association traced a coherent way and being able to answer the goals of world youth on various levels which will hold account of the traditions and the values specific to the continental territories where this youth evolves.

However this evolution, in this new millennium, so to speak, “is capped” with the bonnet of uncertainty, concern, the tepidity of this youth, even sometimes, of a major direction of dislike and of rejection of the institutions in place on their territory, whereas this youth does not believe any more in its leaders and, unfortunately, scorn them often just like its political and social institutions: this youth does not have any more the feeling of participation in this step of the evolution… it is a phenomenon which one observes on a worldwide scale nowadays…

Will this comet continue its race a long time, or will it be crushed violently on this boiling world?

No one knows with certainty, but it is important, imperative, logical, to observe its course and to make an effort, individually or in community, in group, in association, to make multiplied efforts to try to correct, change, to rectify the course of it to avoid a world catastrophe.

And it is not utopian, dreamer or it is not “to be in the moon” as it was said to us when we were young to think like this! On the contrary it shows membership of a group, a class, of a well defined community, the youth of the world face to face and in harmony, not in confrontation with the other social, economic and cultural groups of the territories and the continents where this youth evolves.

This is why the association wants to carry out a huge spectacle which will tell, in the greatest respect, the history of mankind and the consequences which its actions generated. A prayer on behalf of the world youth for the leaders of this world to say to them in all the languages “Please, save our lives”

It will be composed of all the young people, representatives all the countries which it will be possible to gather here in Quebec, as well as representatives of all the first nations. We have the great chance to have representatives of almost all the countries here, in Quebec. These young people will compose an international choral and an international orchestra like the philharmonic full orchestras, but with more instruments from the “big bands”, those of rock’n’roll groups� and in bonus, the traditional, instruments typical, coming from their respective countries… They will be dressed with their traditional costumes as much as possible.

They will present in the form of a light comedy musical (the subject not being very funny), or of a play sung, in several acts, the vexations of humanity from 600,000 years before Jesus-Christ, through the eras, till today, in a first part, and in the second part will propose, approaches of solutions, the outlines of changes and finally they will sing in harmony, in unison the possible effects of such a de facto situation.

The desired day for the first presentation of this spectacle is December 10, 2006 or 2007 according to schedules, because this date is the world day of the Humans right. This spectacle wants to be a harmonious demonstration of the desires and aspirations of world youth, without having to demonstrate in the streets.

It is desirable that this event emerges from our country, because Canada is a country highly considered on a worldwide scale for its qualities of temperance, generosity, tolerance and respect of others. The repercussions will be important and the viewing of this event on a worldwide scale will be the catalyst of the gathering of all the human beings which have been dreaming for a long time of a better world, more “human” and which wishes to be linked in a concrete and total step of change.

To make the proof ad absurdum and to work out precise actions to improve quality and life expectancy of the inhabitants of the very whole world.

It is absolutely necessary to gather and to mobilize all willing people to change the course of the history; it is a condition “sine qua none”.

Michel Begin, founder member

The International Youth Association (Canada XXI) Inc.

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