Slovenian and Greek Companies Seek to Join Forces in SE Europe

Economic cooperation between Slovenia and Greece is fairly modest, so there are plenty of possibilities to join forces in practically all sectors and in particular in Southeastern Europe, established the participants of Wednesday’s Slovenian-Greek business conference.

For Slovenian as well as Greek companies, the Balkans is of strategic importance. It would therefore make sense for companies from the two countries to cooperate instead of competing where tha is not necessary, Nikolaos Sapountzis of the Greek Embassy said.
Slovenia and Greece are the northern and southern doors of the EU respectively as far as the Balkans is concerned, which is why they should support the economic development of the countries in the region, Sapountzis also noted at the conference held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS).
Helen Tsironi of the Greek foreign trade organisation meanwhile said that Slovenian and Greek companies know were little about each other and added that more presentations of this sort are needed.
She took the opportunity to invite Slovenian businessmen to Greece and expressed readiness to back Slovenian companies in entering the Greek market.
Trade between Slovenia and Greece reached EUR 102m in 2005, with Slovenia recording exports worth EUR 59m.

Source: Slovenia -Government Public Relations and Media Office-

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