10 Slovenian Companies Make it to List of Leading Job Creators

A total of 10 Slovenian companies have made it to the list of 500 leading European companies in terms new jobs creation. The top-ranked Slovenian company on “Europe’s 500” list is retailer Engrotus, which is ranked 30th, the Brussels-based Entrepreneurs for Growth association, which compiles the list, said on its website.

The Slovenian companies averaged annual employment and revenue growth of 27%, respectively, between 2002 and 2005, well above the European averages of 16% and 18%, the Imago marketing agency said in Tuesday’s press release.
According to Entrepreneurs for Growth, the Celje-based Engrotus created 1,395 new jobs between 2002 and 2005, which makes for employment growth of 109%. The revenues of the 2005 winner of the Gazelle award for the fastest growing company in Slovenia soared 105% in this period.
The top-ranked Slovenian company is followed by Cistoca cleaning service with 120% job growth (427 new jobs) and revenue growth of 106.3%. Cistoca is ranked 88th on the list and is the only other Slovenian company among the top 100.
IT services provider Sinfonika is ranked 135th (97 new jobs), rubber products manufacturer Siliko 245th (62), tent maker Expo Biro 336th (52), truck equipment maker Prigo 347th (38), gaming machines maker Gold Club 368th (35), window maker Arcont IP 432nd (24), travel agency Occasio 441st (18) and maker of insulation materials Izoterm-Plama 474th (12).
The Slovenian companies were invited to take part in the independent listing of the 500 fastest growing Europe companies by newspaper publisher Dnevnik, which is a media partner of the Europe’s 500 project. Dnevnik is also the organiser of the Gazelle, a selection of the fastest-growing company in Slovenia.
A total of 11 Slovenian companies were registered for Europe’s 500 listing, with 10 of them making it among the top 500, the Ljubljana-based Imago said in its press release.
The agency also points out that companies from new EU members generated more jobs than their Western European counterparts. The most rapid growth was recorded among Lithuanian companies (45%), followed by Slovenian companies (27%) and Latvian companies (25%).
Europe’s 500 awards are to be conferred to the companies on 25 November in Vienna by European Commissioner of Industry and Enterprise Guenter Verheugen.
Source: Republic of Slovenia-Media Office-

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