24 October 2006

UNIFIL Force Commander voices serious concern over increasing number of Israeli air violations
UNIFIL Force Commander Major-General Alain Pellegrini has voiced serious
concern over the increasing number of air violations over South Lebanon by Israeli
planes, with nine occurring during the past 24 hours. Almost all the UNIFIL battalions
have reported air violations taking place in their area of operations.
“It is in the best interest of all the parties on the ground to respect the terms of Security
Council Resolution 1701 in letter and spirit,” said Major-General Pellegrini.
UNIFIL Celebrates United Nations Day in Naqoura
United Nations Day was celebrated today by all UNIFIL troops in South Lebanon.
Major-General Pellegrini, who addressed the military and civilian personnel of UNIFIL
in Naqoura, said that “since its inception in 1978, our Force has been totally committed
and dedicated to the cause of peace. Today, which is our day, we can feel proud to be part
of the UN fraternity. This day pays also tribute to the 251 UNIFIL peacekeepers,
military, civilian staff and dependants, who have served to death and continue to stay in
our memory and our heart as the expression of the sense and the cost of peace.”
The United Nations Secretary-General’s message for this day was also read out by the Force Commander.
UNIFIL and Lebanese Navy carry out Command Amphibious Exercise
From 24 to 25 October, the Lebanese Navy and UNIFIL are carrying out a command
amphibious exercise between Beirut and Tyre. The exercise gives an opportunity for
UNIFIL to explore various courses of action if the main supply roads in UNIFIL’s area of
operation are destroyed due to any security incidents and also in the event that the road
between Beirut and Tyre are not available for a long time and to support the UNFIL
forces on the ground with water, food and other essential supplies.

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