The Corazzara Pinerolo Brigade Command is to leave Bari airport on 19 October at 10.00 in order to take over leadership of the “Multinational Task Force West” in Kosovo as part of the Joint Enterprise (MNTF-W- established on 15 May 2006 following the reorganisation of the Multinational Brigade SOUTH-WEST into two Multinational Task Forces South and West). The MNTF-W has its command base at the ‘Villaggio Italia’, the Italian base in Belo Polje around 80km from Pec, where an “operations unit” is also based: an Advanced Support Unit (‘ASU’) and a multinational Genius Task Force. One hundred and fifty men and women from the Pinerolo, 95pct originally from Puglia, will work within the ambit of the operations led by NATO underway in the Joint Operation Area (JOA). This is the second time that those in the Pinerolo from Puglia take command in Kosovo and they have been present in the Balkans, almost without interruption, for almost 5 years. The 21st Regiment Artillery “Trieste”, based in Foggia, was the section that dealt with the closure of the mission in Afghanistan. Currently the 82nd Fanteria ‘Torino’ Regiment, based in Barletta, is deployed in Bosnia – Herzegovina. The Pinerolo Brigade, under the command of the Brigadier General Attilio Caluidio Borreca, will pass the command to the Aosta Brigade. The mission is to last 6 months.
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