Croatian intelligence services

Koordinacija Za Unutarnju I Vanjsku Politiku

Standing Committee for Internal and Foreign Affairs

This committee of the Croatian Parliament is responsible for oversight of the intelligence community as a whole. It consists of the Ministers of Interior, Defense, Finance, Justice, Foreign Affairs, and European Integration. The committee’s task is to ensure that the intelligence community is organized and operating in accordance with the law.

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for national security, hence the police and SZUP, the internal federal security service, are under its wings.
Sluzba Za Zastitu Ustavnog Poretka (SZUP)

Service for the Protection of the Constitutional Order

The SZUP is Croatia’s internal federal security service. It runs various departments:

The National Security Department
It is responsible for foreign counter-intelligence.
Department for the Hostile Activities of Serbs.
Department for the Hostile Activities of Muslims and Arabs.
Political Violence
The task of this department is to uncover persons who would organize demonstrations against the current regime.
Obavestajna Bezbednostna Sluzba (OBS)

Security Intelligence Service
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has its own intelligence agency, the OBS. The main task of the OBS is/was espionage against Yugoslavia (especially Serbia). It is said that OBS is also responsible for surveillance of the diaspora community.
Ured Za Nacionalnu Sigurnost (UNS)

The National Security Office

In 1995, a new security act was passed by the government which describes the activities of the UNS. The activities of the UNS are defined as:

integrate, analyze, and evaluate intelligence for the president.
coordinate intelligence activities of the various ministries.
control of all intelligence and counter-intelligence services.
The UNS has four main branches: HIS, NS, NSEI, and SO. In addition to the four branches, the UNS has its own Intelligence Academy (Obavestajna Akademija).

Hrvatska Izvestajna Sluzba (HIS)

Croatian Intelligence Service

This one is responsible for collecting and analyzing intelligence for the president and prime minister. It coordinates the activities of the other services and deals exclusively with foreign countries.
Nadzorna Sluzba (NS)

Control and Supervision Service

The NS is responsible for internal security of the Croat intelligence community.

Stozer Osiguranja (SO)

Security Headquarters

The main tasks of the SO are the security of the president and ministers, and it handles counter-intelligence.

Nacionalna Sredisnjica Elektronickog Izvidanja (NSEI)

National Service for Electronic Monitoring

This SIGINT agency works closely together with the army signals corps. The NSEI coordinates and manages all SIGINT info for Croatia, both internally and externally and reports to the Joint National Security Committee (SONS).

Stozerni Odbor za Nacionalnu Sigurnost (SONS)

Joint National Security Committee

Koordinacijski Odbor Obavjestajne Zajednice (KOOZ)
Intelligence Community Coordination Committee

The SONS committee consists of the ministers of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Internal Affairs, Development and Reconstruction, and the director of HIS and is chaired by the director of UNS.

A SONS meeting is normally followed by a KOOZ meeting where the heads of the intelligence agencies respond to the requirements of the Security Committee.

The military intelligence branches are the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense. The most important agency is the SIS. The army has also intelligence services: the ObU- GS-OS and OSHV.
Sigurnosno Izvestajna Sluzba (SIS)

Security Information Service

Counter-intelligence is one of the main tasks of the SIS. Providing physical security for the Ministry of Defense and General Staff is another.

Obavestajna Uprava pri Glavnom Stozeru Oruzanih Snaga (ObU- GS-OS)

Directorate of Intelligence Affairs of the Croatian Army Headquarters

The ObU-GS-OS is the intelligence coordinating service for the military and reports to the General Staff. Its four departments are: Signals Security, HUMINT, SIGIN and ELINT.

Obavestajna Sluzba Hrvatske Vojska (OSHV)

Intelligence Service of the Croatian Army

The OSHV is primarily concerned with military intelligence, particularly intelligence collection and counter-intelligence operations against Serb forces in Krajina and Serbia.

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