Romanian Diaspora

Romanian Diaspora is a term that encompasses the total ethnic Romanian population located outside of the current borders of Romania. The numbers of the diaspora also counts people of Romanian ancestry, born in the respective country. The number of all the Romanians abroad are about 30-32 millions.

In 2002, the Romanian Diaspora was estimated between 8 to 10 millions people, most of them living in Western Europe, North America, South America and Australia.
Moldova (both Romanians and Moldovans) 2,827,000
USA 1,500,000

Italy 1,060,000

Spain 1,300,000
Canada 300,000

France 500,000

Ukraine 450,000

Israel 450,000
Germany 250,000

Russia 200,000

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 150,000

Australia 50,000

Greece 50,000
Brazil 40,000

Ireland 25,000

Austria 30,000

Argentina 13,000

Venezuela 10,000
Kazakhstan 10,000
Hungary 7,000

New Zealand 5,000
Japan 2,000
Bulgaria 1.000

TOTAL 9,226,000

En. Wikipedia

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