Booming years ahead for the Serbian economy

A recent congress in Athens organized by the Technical Chamber of which is the primal party in the country in issues of mechanic and technical infastructure; stated interesting facts around the Serbian economy especially in the construction sector.

According to the future plans and statistics, the Serbian real estate sector is expanding with a high 20% a year. The construction industry is experiencing already around 25% increase and pundits expect this area to attract major capital injections by multinationals over the coming period. Moreover the main infastructure projects were discussed such as the autobahn from Thessaloniki to Belgrade and the new “Light subway” of the Serbian capital. Also the proposed pipeline that will tranfer Russian mostly oil from Kostanja-Romania- to Trieste-Italy- will pass throughout the Serbian territory and increase the geoeconomic importanc of the country.

On overall Greek business and Academia expect an increase on the productivity of the Serbian economy due to the aforementioned technical projects and an expansion of Foreign Direct Investment that will come along in order to explore the benefits of the reconstructed Serbia. As it was stated there are plans for future entrance of the large Greek construction companies in Serbia in sectors such as housing complexes and tourism. Thus they would be able to benefit by the booming times in the Serbian economy just before other larger European corporations will take a closer look at the dynamics of this country.

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