OSINT Management and the Greek paradigm

Greece is a country situated in some of the most volative geostrategic areas of the world such as Estern Mediteranean and the Balkans. Moreover its corporations heavily invest there and have incetive to collect and most importanlty be able to analyze all relevant information to their business needs. Unfortunately up to now no cohesive policy has been implemented in that field, even though the importance of OSINT Manangement information is widely recognized across the world. Even countries like Cuba and Burma have established OSINT units in their departments of Foreign Affairs or defense, thus understanding the need for conclusive and continuous information flow. If one is to imagine the advantages that an organization can have by really comprehending the world around him; then he would do his uttermost in order to acquire an OSINT tool.

In modern day Greece there is only one institution-“Knowledge cell” of OSINT Management-Among other specializations-. The Research Institute on European & American Studies-RIEAS-. Its website, www.rieas.gr is full of interesting work and useful information on publications and events. Most importantly the human resources of the institute are capable of conducting state of the art analytic work and the institute encompasses specialities from a variety of backgrounds. Thus it is able to view every issue from different angles and produce balanced and non-biased appraisal. Since it is the first and only initiative in the Greek society it would be interesting for all readers that reside in Greece to take a glimpse at least, in the RIEAS website and should they want, to pose questions or ask for consultantion.

The author of this weblog is affiliated in Greece with the RIEAS and unconditionally confirms its credibility and capability in OSINT Management.


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