H.A.A.R.P:High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

HAARP is a Pentagon sponsored radio physics project, officially intended to expand knowledge about the nature of long-range radio communications and surveillance using the fluctuating Ionosphere (the portion of the upper atmosphere extending from 35 to 500 miles above the earth’s surface).
According to John L. Heckscher of Philips Laboratory at Hanscom Air Force Base, potential military applications of the HAARP research include developing Department of Defense technology for detecting cruise missiles and communicating with submarines. “Although HAARP is being managed by the Air Force and the Navy it is purely a scientific facility that poses no threat to potential adversaries and has no value as a military target,” he says. But thats just the publicly announced part. The HAARP also has a secret agenda, pursuing more exotic military goals, such as locating deeply buried weapons factories thousands of miles away, and even altering local weather conditions above the enemy’s territory.

A 1990 internal document obtained by Popular Science says the programs over-all goal is to “control ionosphere processes in such a way as to greatly improve the performance of military command, control, and communications systems.” It provides a description of the following applications:

Injecting high frequency radio energy into the ionosphere to create huge, extremely low frequency (ELF) virtual antennas used for earth penetrating tomography – peering deep beneath the surface of the ground by collecting and analyzing reflected ELF waves beamed down from above.
Heating regions of the lower and upper ionosphere to form virtual “lenses” and “mirrors” that can reflect a broad range of radio frequencies far over the horizon to detect stealth cruise missiles and aircraft. (The electrons temperature range between -130° F to 302° F which extend across four layers from 35 to 500 miles in altitude. Heating the ionosphere means exciting the electrons. The HAARP is expected to raise electron temperatures by 40° F.)
Generating ELF radio waves in the ionosphere to communicate across large distances with deeply submerged submarines.
Patent documents filed during an earlier research effort that evolved into the HAARP program outline further military applications of ionospheric-heating technology:
Creating a “full global shield” that would destroy ballistic missiles by overheating their electronic guidance systems as they fly through a powerful radio energy field.
Distinguishing nuclear warheads from decoys by sensing their elemental composition.
Manipulating local weather conditions.
A more powerful version of the HAARP could create a global shield that would encompass the earth, any missile or warhead passing through the shield would explode.
The Killer Side of HAARP

HAARP of course sends massive ammounts of radio waves out into the atmosphere. Some are reflected and come back to earth, if used correctly all the waves could return back to earth. What if you pointed those returning waves at a point. Well simple research has shown that massive ammounts of these waves can cause mental insanity, or even death. Small ammounts have shown to cause animals to loose track of thier migratory patterns. Well imagine hitting the enemy with a small dosage. The troops would be confused and lost, unable to fight back. Imagine a large dose, all living life would be wiped out. However factories, electronics, weapons, ect would all be left in working order, a whole stable area, built and ready for habitation. Isnt this the dream weapon?

Key Points:HAARP is destroying the ionosphere,if HAARP starts destroying more and more of the ionosphere life on earth would become unsuitable: HAARP Weapons systems can:
1) Fry the minds of an entire army in the field of battle in a matter of minutes;

2) Destroy all incoming missiles at once, and all satellites instantaneously;

3) Redirect the Jet Stream, control the weather, create storms steer the storms, and even cause earthquakes;
4) Put thoughts into people’s minds and control their emotions; 5) Renders nuclear weapons and their delivery systems obsolete.

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