Country profile- South Korea-

Capital: Seoul

Land surface: 99,646 Sq. Km

Population: 48,5 million-2006-

Life expectancy: 74 yrs men, 81 yrs women

Political system: Presidential Republic

Currency: Youan-964 Youan for a USD(07/2006)

Reserves: 211 billion USD-2005-

GDP: 788 billion USD-2005-

GDP growth: 4% -2005-

Income per capita: 16,300 USD-2005-

Production: Services(56,3%), Minerals(28,8%), Construction(9,2%), Agriculture(3,3%), Other(2,4%)

Exports: 285 billion USD-2005-

Imports: 262 billion USD-2005

Main products: Electronics, automobiles, ships, steel, chemicals

Main corporations: Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, POSCO, LG Electronics

Science & Technology: Korea has the largest student population in the world-26 students per 100 citizens.-

Defense expenditure: Approximately 20 billion Euro-2005-

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