Oulook of the Hellenic Navy

Hellenic Navy

Personnel: 21,000

Reserves: 10,000

Navy bases: Salamina & Souda bay.


10:Kortanaer Type-Dutch built.

4: MEKO Type- German design, Greek built

6 other frigattes to be order over the next two years.


4 :209/1100 Type-German built

4:209/1200 Type-German built

4:214 Type-German &Greek built(Notice one has been delivered, end of the project by the end of 2008)

Fast missile boats:

5: Super Vita Type-British design, Greek built(Notice 3 have been delivered, end of the project by mid 2007) Another 2 to be ordered over the next year

9:Combattante III Type-French& Greek built

6: S148 Type-German built


4:HSY-56A Type-Greek built

2:HSY-56-Greek built

2:Osprey 55 Type: Danish design, Greek built

3: 420 Type-German built

2:Asheville Type-USA built

4:Nasty Type-Norwegian built

2: Kelefstis Stamou Type-French built

Amphibious operations ships:

5: Samos Type-Greek built

4: Zubr Type-Russian & Ukrainian built

4:LCU 520 Type-German built

11: LCM 521 Type-German built

20: LCVP Type-Greek built

Mine-sweep boats

2: Osprey Type-USA built (To be delivered in 2007)

2: Hunt Type-British built

1: Castano Type-USA built

7:MSC294 Type-USA built

Navy Airforce:

6: P-3B Orion Type-USA built (New navy aircraft to be ordered in next three years)

11: S-70B Aegean Hawk Type(Hellicopters)-USA built(Another 4 to be ordered within the next year)

10: AB 212 Type(Hellicopters)-Italian built

2: Alouette III Type(Hellicopters)-French built

Auxillary ships: 57 in total(Greek, German, USA built) 

Anti-aircraft and missile defense:

MM40-Exocet type-French built

Crotale Ng/GR-French built

Bofors 40mm: Swedish built

Mk 20 Rh202: German built

Also 40 air to sea Exocet missiles in the Mirage 2000-5 aircraft of the Hellenic airforce.

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