Brief biography of the new Swedish Prime Minister

The winner in the recent Swedish elections is the charismatic Fredrik Raynfeld. He was born in 1965 in a middle class family. His parents were business consultants and his father Bruno worked for a while in Shell in London where his whole family moved there for a while.

Fredrik was a kenn basketball player while at highschool and active member of the student boards. Since he was 18 he was introduced in the youth sector of the centre right party. He than studied economics in the university of Stockholm and right after graduation he became a Member of Parliament-1991-. From 1994 he was already a nationwide figure and he became widely known to the public as a young ambitious and moderate politician of the right. In 2002 he managed to elect himself in the leadership of his party and he pressed ideologically his political body towards the centre of the Swedish politics. Thus he was able to become more popular with the Swedish socialist consesus that governs the country since the 20’s. His wife Philipa is also a politician with similar views. They have three children and live in the suburb Tebi of Stockholm

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