Embassies targeted in terror plot


Police believe that the four men charged with shooting at Oslo’s synagogue also planned acts of terrorism against the US and Israeli embassies.
Israel’s ambassador Miryam Shomrat is to have been a concrete target for the four suspects. Newspaper VG reports that they discussed beheading Shomrat in conversations bugged by police.

“The firing on the synagogue was serious enough in itself. If there really were plans to carry out assassinations it is extra serious,” Shomrat told VG.

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) mounted hidden microphones in the Mercedes used by one of the suspects, newspaper Dagbladet reported, citing police sources. These monitored conversations comprise much of the basis for the charges.

The four men charged are a 29-year-old man of Pakistani origin, a 28-year-old Norwegian-Pakistani, a 28-year-old Norwegian of foreign origin, and a 26-year-old Norwegian. All will have a remand hearing on Friday morning.

Royal concerns
The charged 26-year-old lived for a total of 12 years on several of the King’s properties, newspaper VG reporting that he is the son of an employee at the royal court.

VG reports that the PST now fears that their may be a breach in the security network around the royal family.

The PST has long had the 29-year-old under observation. He has prior convictions for violence, threats and possession of weapons. He has previously been charged in shooting episodes, including threats against Dagsavisen crime journalist Nina Johnsrud.

The four suspects were originally apprehended in the weekend shooting on the Oslo synagogue and the charges were expanded on Thursday to include terrorism.

www.strategicanalysis.i-blog.gr Analysis

The recent events in Norway give a fair clue of the posibility of a major attack in Europe due to the extremistic elements that apparently are all prevelant in the European cities. The discomfort of the Muslim youth in Europe will most certainly bring to surface similar incidents in the coming years and developments in that area should not be excluded from any urban area in Europe that has a Muslim minority.

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