Pakistan will get civil N-tech at any cost

Islamic Republic News Agency Islamabad
Pakistan-Nuclear-FM Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri said on Wednesday that Pakistan, a recognized nuclear power, would get civil nuclear technology at any cost, and developed nations hesitation in transferring the technology to the country was incomprehensible. According to the Pakistani newspaper Daily Times, Kasuri said that Pakistan should not be treated with discrimination at the Nuclear Supplier Group’s foreign ministers’ meeting in Vienna. He said that Pakistan had the resources and the infrastructure required for the technology. He said that Pakistan was a declared nuclear power, and the country could acquire civil nuclear technology from anywhere. Pakistan needed the technology and it would not be used to manufacture nuclear weapons, he said, adding that Pakistan would not allow the technology to fall into wrong hands. Kasuri said that 65,000 engineers, scientists and technicians were working on Pakistan’s nuclear program.
He said that President Gen Pervez Musharraf’s meetings with heads of other states were aimed at telling them about Pakistan’s economic growth, and the challenges it was facing. The president had met Jordan’s King Abdullah and the presidents of Finland and Congo, he said. At the meeting with King Abdullah, both leaders discussed regional and international issues, including the peace process in the Middle East. He said that both leaders had agreed on the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state. Kasuri said Musharraf had discussed the situation in Afghanistan with the president of Finland, also president of the European Union, who had thanked the Pakistani president for helping the EU and NATO in Afghanistan. He said that at a meeting with the president of the African Union, Musharraf highlighted the importance of improving relations with African countries, and said Pakistan would establish embassies in Africa. Kasuri said that foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Australia and Britain had been invited to visit Pakistan. Replying to a question, the foreign minister said that Musharraf had great support for his plans to resolve the Kashmir issue. The Indian prime minister had acknowledged that his meeting with the Pakistani president had been a success, he added. Analysis

Pakistan over the past few weeks has been severely strained due to accusations that it nurtures Islamists possibly Al Queda terorrists. By stating that it will proceed with its nuclear program it reafirms to the world and especially to the West that it is the only-Official at least- Islamic state with nuclear capabilities, hence they should be taken into serius consideration when dealing with. In essence it is a short of an indirect warning that should things get unstable in this Asian country then nuclear energy could fall in the wrong hands. This weblog believes that serious developments are happening in Pakistan and in the short term political developments should be anticipated. 

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