Exclusive! Predictions in European politics

Even though one of the most provocative and sensitive areas that an analyst rarely dares to venture-At least publicily- www.strategicanalysis.i-blog.gr will reveal its predictions for the European political life over the coming months. Read carefully and compare notes when things really happen!

1) Sarkozy to become President of France-May 2007-

2) Blair to leave office in March 2007 and not May as widely presented.

3) Greece to have premature elections on September 2007(Instead of March 2008)

4) Prodi’s goverment in Italy to be shaken by scandals before summer 2007. A 50% chance of loosing power by then.

5) Putin to announce a third term in office by summer 2007.

6) Erbakan’s goverment in Turkey to be out of office by March 2007. No election for him as a president of Turkey.

And one special for the USA. An even split between Republicans and Democrats in November elections.

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