Company profile: Titan cement

Titan Cement is the largest corporation of its kind in South Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. The Greek based enterprise is one of the major exporters of the country and has recently involved in the production of other construction materials as well as in the renewable energy sector. Also it is one of the largest company donors for charity and regurarly invests in projects involving Corporate Responsibility.


Turnover- 2006-: 780 million Euro(Est)

Year of establishement: 1902

Employees: 6,700

Annual production of cement-2006-: 16 million Tn(Est)

Geographical spread: 40 companies(Greece, USA, Romania, Egypt, Albania,Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM) Analysis

This company has very good prospects for the future because it currently operates and invests in high growth areas. The Balkan countries are steadily become magnets for real estate ventures and that involves the creation of housing complex and shopping malls that ofcourse use cement-concrete as a basic element. Moreover the Middle East due to its economic upturn(High oil prices) imports large amounts of the material and to that one must add the reconstruction process caused by the recent Lebanese war. Lastly USA is starting to discover cement and areas like the New Orleans will use cement in high quantities in their reconstruction process. Moreover the company is a proprietor of a sustancial real estate value.


Ioannis Michaletos, All Rights Reserved

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