The Hellenic Duty Free heads for China

The Hellenic Duty Free Company is heading to China, and prepares the sponsoring of the Olympic Airways flight to Hong-Kong. On a second level Sanghai and Beijing are to have direct flight 3 times a week with Athens.

The main shareholder of the company -Koutsolioutsos- is also the owner of the succesfull Greek jeweltry corporation “Folie-Folie”. This particular firm is very strong in the East Asian market and it is certain that the businessman wants to combine his different enterprizes in order to gain a stronger foothold in the vast Chinese market.

www.strategicanalysis.i-blog Analysis

The Greek-Chinese commercial relations have come to the limelight under the current Greek goverment. The Olympic ganes in Athens were a great opportunity for the Greek business world to enact contacts with the next hosting country, China. The latter represents a great opportunity for the Greek exports and one should take into consideration that 70% of the Chinese oil imports are being tranferred by the Greek-Owned fleet. Moreover the Chinese tourists are considered to be big spenders and will represent a great opportunity for the Greek tourism. Watch out for Greek businesses operational in China. The prospects for them look great the coming years.

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