An outlook of the USA intelligence community

1) Defense Intelligence Agency-DIA-

DIA was established in 1961 and has a budget of around 1 billion USD. It employs 7,500 civil and military personnel and its main task is the collection and analysis of intelligence relating to foreign armed forces. The Agency is under the jurisdiction of the Defense Secretary and it is also responsible for the monitoring of the activities of Military Attaches within the USA territory.

2) National Geospatial Intelligence Agency-NGA-

NGA was established in 1996 and has a budget of 2 billion USD. It employs 14,000 civil and military personnel. It directs activities relating to mapping and satellite intelligence for the USA Armed Forces.

3) National Reconnaissance Office-NRO-

NRO was established in 1960 and has a budget of 7 billion. The number of employees is unknown. Its task is to design, construct and operate the state satellites of USA. The existence of the agency became public only in 1992.

4) National Security Agency-NSA-

NSA was created in 1952 and has a budget of 7 billion USD. It employs 17,000 civil personnel and 9,000 military one. Its main operation is the “Break-up” of cryptographic messages and SIGINT.

5) Army Intelligence-AIC-

 Budget 5 billion USD

6) Air Force Intelligence-AIA-

Budget 7 billion USD

7) Navy Intelligence-ONI-

Budget 3 billion USD

8) Central Intelligence Agency-CIA-

CIA was established in 1947. Its budget is 5 billion USD. It is the main collector of national intelligence for USA and regularly drafts reports for the Administration on intelligence affairs. Up until recently the head of the CIA was the Director Central Intelligence-DCI-. Its responsibilities now are upheld by the newly established Directory of National Intelligence by John Negroponte.

9) Department of Homeland Security-DHS-

It was created in 2003 and has a budget of 1 billion USD. Its main responsibility is the assessment of the USA territory against asymmetrical threats (Terrorism, biological weapons etc)
10) Coast Guard Intelligence-CGI-

It was created in 1915 and since 2003 it is a departmental service of the DHS. Its responsibilities include the monitoring of drug trafficking and smuggling in the USA, as well as illegal immigration.
11) Department of Energy

The intelligence service of the Department of Energy came to being in 1977. It has a budget of 100 million USD. Its main task is the monitoring of the USA nuclear labs  in Los Alamos, Laurence Livermour and Santia. It also provides expertise knowledge on energy affairs on a global scale.

12) Department of State

The intelligence service of the Department of State was created in 1789. It has a budget of 50 million USD. It relates to foreign affairs analysis on a wide spectrum of international developments.

13) Department of Treasury

The intelligence service of the Department of Treasury was created in 1789. It has a budget of 50 million USD. Its scope is the analysis and monitoring of the international “Money laundering” and related criminal activities.

14) Federal Bureau of Investigations-FBI-

It was established in 1928 and has a budget of 1,5 billion USD. It is the main counter-intelligence USA agency. It also has activities regarding the tracking of terrorists abroad.
Total budget for the intelligence community: 41 billion USD(Est)

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