Small firearms in the world

Largest exporters-2005-


2) Italy: 250 million USD

3) Brazil: 164 million USD

4) Germany: 159 million USD

5)Belgium: 145 million USD

6)Russia: 130 million USD

7)China: 100 million USD

8)Austria: 86 million USD

9)UK: 79 million USD

10)Japan: 65 million USD

11)Swiss: 53 million USD

12)Canada: 52 million USD

13)Czech Republic: 51 million USD

13)France: 48 million USD

14)Spain: 47 million USD

15) Norway: 45 million USD

16) Turkey: 30 million USD

17) Finland: 26 million USD


1)USA: 286 million units

2)Middle East: 107 million units

3)Latin America: 80 million units

4)Europe: 84 million units

5) Sub-Saharan Africa: 30 million units

6) Asia: 42 million

On overall almost one small firearm per 10 people in the planet.

Also from the total sum of the firearms ownership is:

Citizens: 59%

Armed forces: 38%

Police: 2,8%

Guerilla & armed groups: 0,2%

United Nations sources

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