Gazprom boosts gas to Turkey after Iran pipe halt


Russia’s gas monopoly Gazprom has increased gas supplies to Turkey, which asked for more volumes due to a halt of a pipeline from Iran, a Gazprom executive said.
Sergei Yemelyanov, deputy head of Gazprom’s export arm Gazexport, told reporters the Russian company had increased supplies via a pipeline under the Black Sea, known as the Blue Stream, to 30 million cubic metres a day from the previous 15.
Turkish media reported in late August that Kurdish separatists had blown up a section of a pipeline in eastern Turkey carrying natural gas from Iran.
Gazprom increased supplies to Turkey by 24 per cent in 2005 to 18 billion cubic metres, of which around 14 bcm were supplies via the territories of Romania and Bulgaria, while the rest was shipped via the Blue Stream.
The Blue Stream was built in 2001 and its capacity of around 16 bcm a year has been severely underused since then as Gazprom said Turkey had overestimated its gas demand growth.
The current flows of 30 million cubic metres a day means the Blue Stream reached around three quarters of its capacity for the first time.

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